Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fast 5 - Official Trailer

If you don't see it this weekend, you are missing a great movie.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Carlisle Performance & Style May 14 - May 15, 2011

2010 Formula Drift Champion, Vaughn Gittin, Jr will be drifting on the NICOFest Track & Meeting Fans on the Midway on Saturday.
Starboyz Legendary Sport Bike Stunters With Their New Show – Battle Bikes
The Carlisle Burnout Contest
Xtreme Wheelie Ride
Miss Carlisle performance & Style
PAS Mag Open Model Search
NJ Bikini Team Charity Car Wash
Scikotics Ward
P&S Car Corral (Tuner, Custom & Performance Vehicles)
NICOfest Autocross Racing & Drifting Exhibitions
DB Drag, Bass Race & N.S.P.L. Audoo Competitions
Led Glow Neon Contest
Carlisle Stance Revolution
R/C Drifting
Tuned In T
Rap Battle
Carlisle Hip Hop Showcase
Ice House
Carlisle Modern Muscle Nationals
Euro Invasion
Carlisle House Of Performance
Carlisle P&S Race Paddock
Tjin Edition Roadshow
Lowest Car & Lowest Truck Limbo

VIP Style......What Is It?

VIP Style refers to the modification of Japanese luxury automobiles to make them more fashionable and more luxurious. VIP Style are typically large, expensive, rear-wheel drive sedans, though automotive enthusiasts use other cars like minivans and Kei cars. Once associated with the yakuza, VIP Style modifications now are a subset of automotive modification.
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