Sunday, January 15, 2012

Next Level Ish: Disappearing Doors On Cars

Reasons To Visit Japan No. 2

Tailored Seattle

TailoredSeattle from Speedline Film Werks on Vimeo.

Honda Accords on 20s

Honda Accords on 20" Vossen VVS-CV2 & VVS-CV3 Concave Wheels from Vossen Wheels on Vimeo.

"The Driver" - Official Trailer

Maggie May

Years ago, the scooter was held at the bottom of the “cool” list. It usually meant you couldn’t afford a car and also you probably didn’t have any girls beating down your door. In recent years though, the Honda Ruckus has changed the perception of the scooter as people have started modding them due to their affordability and availability of aftermarket parts. Now you can find Ruckus’ that are lowered, stretched and swapped with a whole array of mods.

The little lady sitting in front of you now is “Maggie May” which was built by the guys at Standard Functions (South El Monte, CA). “Maggie” not only makes you want to get out of chair and go buy a Ruckus right now but it also shows you that a scooter is now a cool option for cruising the town on a nice day. “Maggie” also features an extensive mod list covering everything from looking good to going fast.

Photo Credit: Noel Barnum – Canibeat 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rat Rod S-10

Rob’s 1977 International Loadstar 1600

1977 International Loadstar 1600 – Complete Mods List

-Full frame custom built
-3X6 ¼” wall, fully sealed and used as air tank (25 gallons)
-3 link front with custom solid beam suspension
-front hubs and brakes from 1991E350
-3 link rear with Sterling 10.25 differential
-10,000lb transport truck bags at all 4 corners
-3/8” air valves, ½” hard line
-digital air gauge
-york engine driven compressor
-5th wheel hitch
-dual fuel tanks custom built

-7.3L Ford IDI diesel from 1991E350
-Ford E4OD transmission
-2001 Dodge intercooler
-2002Ford powerstroke turbo on custom manifolds
-massive transmission cooler
-turbo code injectors
-injection pump turned up and timing advanced
-5” exhaust to 5” slant cut stack
-3” intercooler piping powdercoated cream
-holley red electric fuel pump

-floor and firewall from scratch
-suicide doors with fabricated hinges
-shaved door handles
-welded and smooth front body seams
-pedestal mount cab lights
-LED front and rear lighting
-HID headlights
-chrome visors over all lights
-cargo basket
-painted Chrysler classic yellow

-smoothed and painted dash
-seat from 1993 Chevy truck recovered by owners wife
-autometer gauges for- speedometer, tachometer, boost, egt, trans temp, oil pressure, coolant temp, volts, fuel level
-alpine stereo in glovebox
-soundstream 5 channel amp
-RE Audio 6.5” speakers
- 2 12” RE Audio subs
-triple trumpet air horns

Wheels and tires
Front wheels- 22.5” semi wheels milled to 22”
Front tires- 255/35zr22 Falken FK452
Rear wheels- 24.5” semi wheels milled to 24”
Rear tires- 255/30zr24 Falken FK452
Custom adapters

Photo Credit: Steve Wharton – E11even:11: Photography

Reasons To Visit Japan No. 1

Liberty Walk : Amusement Park from Luke Huxham on Vimeo.

Liberty Walk : The JDM Purist from Luke Huxham on Vimeo.

Chevy 3-Way

 The cab comes from a 1951 Chevy, the engine is a modern fuel-injected 5.0L Chevy v8.

photos courtesy of Stance Works

Honda CR-X Si Exclusive

What makes this Exclusive CRX exclusive? Other than the standard Si package, the Exclusive came with;

- Standard Glass Roof
- Power Windows, Mirror and Steering
- Custom Exterior with “Exclusive” badges ( Paint in Flint Black Metallic only) and custom
  Interior (Beige color, “Camel/Tan”)
- Full Leather seating and steering wheel
- Map lights
- Auto-AC (Climate Control)
- Super Sound System (double-Din head unit, bass tubes, etc.)
- Chromed interior door handles, glovebox button
- White corner lenses

Friday, January 6, 2012

1979 Lamborghini Countach LP 400 / 1981 Pontiac Trans Am

Just listen to that Lamborghini Countach rev… OH MY GOD!! That sound to a car guy is like crack to a drug addict. The 1981 Pontiac Trans Am unfortunately wouldn’t have had a snowballs chance in hell of keeping up with the big Lambo… but who cares? It’s one of the best movie openings ever for a car guy, plus you had Adrienne Barbeau constantly showing off her “Equipment“…

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New DUB Wheels: 30" DUB Azzmackas On 2012 SS Camaro

Why would anyone put 30" on a Camaro?  If they wanted to be that high off the ground get a SUV or a


Ford Evos Concept is not just a design-led exercise. It also embodies the global Ford product development team's move to design and develop vehicles as more than just an interior and exterior, or a collection of attributes.

The concept’s technology experience embraces a new generation of driver interaction and awareness currently under development in the Ford Research and Innovation laboratories. Seamless connectivity between the vehicle and the driver’s ‘personal cloud’ of information is at the heart of the vision for its capabilities.

With information from the cloud, the vehicle can provide the same connected lifestyle the driver experiences at home or office. The car knows the driver, and automatically adapts handling, steering and engine controls to deliver an exceptionally dynamic driving experience.
Ford researchers are focusing their efforts in this area to deliver on four key customer benefits: personalisation, seamless enhancement of the driving experience, looking after the driver’s well-being and delivering smart electrified powertrain optimisation.