Thursday, May 29, 2014

Junya Nakata's Nissan R34 GT-T

Photos & Words Taken From Stance Nation - Kyler Rasmussen - Yosuk Ishihara

Have you ever had one of those experiences when you see something so well put together, and so clean, that you really have no words to describe it?  As I sit behind my computer screen, scrolling through photos, reading and re-reading mod lists and descriptions; I am still at a loss for words on what to say about this gorgeous ER34 sedan. I for one am a sucker for all things unfamiliar and against what is “normal” as well as being completely cohesive at the same time. Something that makes you think “I know exactly what I’m looking at, but there’s something just a little different about this one.” All I can say is; this car truly has a presence of it’s own, and really needs no introduction.
Junya acquired the car you see here back in 2012. And what would deter some from buying a car such as this, is what actually attracted him to it. It’s a sedan! From the beginning, Junya had one goal in mind: Make it look like a GT-R with it’s own little twist. “My car looks like a GT-R, but I wanted to do things that a general GT-R owner wouldn’t do.”
For Junya, Making the car look as genuine, and as close to a GT-R as possible was very important. This sedan sports genuine GT-R parts from the front bumper, hood, front fenders, and sideskirts. Out back, he tied it all together with a URAS TYPE-R Fender kit, URAS Style-L Rear half bumper, and a URAS roof spoiler. What’s all that work without a new paint job you ask? His goal for a genuine look didn’t stop with the body work on the car. Junya had it topped off with a fresh coat of Nissan Millennium Jade Metallic, a limited GT-R color of course.
As most of us know, no widebody is complete without the right set of wheels to fill the fenders. Like the perfect pair of shoes to go with a tailored suit, 19×10.5 Advan Racing GT wheels wrapped in Nitto NT555 tires look right at home in relation to the car’s newly acquired wide arches. R34 GT-R Brembo brakes peer out through the wheels. Proving that nothing was overlooked in the aesthetics or performance department.

When it comes down to function and form, no particular side was chosen with the direction of the car. The chassis is brought closer to the tarmac with a set of TRUST coilovers on custom 326 power springs. Letting everyone know that it may be low, but it still means business.

For performance, the car is equipped with an Ohsumi radiator, HKS air cleaner, Blitz Intercooler, an Altrack equal length exhaust manifold, and a custom made muffler to finish it all off. Junya has future plans for under the hood that will definitely break his own rule of staying genuine to the GT-R name. The bay of this green monster may or may not be awaiting a 1JZGTE swap in the near future. As a Toyota fan myself, I know I’ll be standing on the sidelines cheering him on and awaiting the end result.
Looking to the cockpit of the car, you’ll see it has been kept fairly simple and equipped with a pair of red bride seats that surprisingly provide a nice contrast to the exterior color. A Nardi classic wheel was also added. To keep everything in check, the car is monitored with Defi oil temp, oil pressure and boost meters. As well as a NISMO combination meter, water temp meter, and an HKS Turbo timer.

In closing, even though I still believe that this car can speak for itself, I hope I was able to give you a little more insight on this 4 door work of art provided to us by Junya Nakata out in Japan. And we at StanceNation are proud to be able to share these great photos of it with you.

19inch x 10.5J +15 & NITTO NT555 245-35-19
Trust Coilovers
Springs: 326 Power 40kg/mm R/swift 16kg/mm
BNR34 GT-R Genuine brembo brakes

BONNET: BNR34 GT-R genuine
SIDE STEP: URAS TYPE-R & BNR34 GT-R genuine wedding(custom-made)
COLOR: Millennium Jade Metallic(BNR34 GT-R Nur Limited Color)

seats: BRIDE
meter: defi ~3 oil temp/oil pressur/boost
NISMO combination meter
tectom water temp meter
turbo timer:HKS

MUFFLER: Custom-made by STRANGE
EXHAUST MANIFOLD: Altrack equal length
RADIATOR: OHSUMI Cooling system

Thursday, May 22, 2014

What Is An Onevia?

Pronounced "1-via". Onevia is a portmanteau combining the words 180sx and Silvia. The car is creating by adding a 180sx front end (pop-up headlights) onto an S13 Silvia.  A 240sx coupe looks like a Onevia. A Onevia is also the opposite of the Sileighty.

Sick Azz S13's

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Loveless 1968 Ford F-100 Dualie

What can we say? The photos of this truck speak for themselves. Built by Jay's Fine Line Rigs in Noonday, a small town in East Texas, this truck oozes raw, rockabilly Texas style. Sure, there's no bed, but when you're rockin' this much attitude, who needs one? The truck rolls on 24-inch Toyo tires and American Force wheels, and lays out thanks to a Viair dual-compressor air suspension. Underhood is a standard Ford 351 V-8 outfitted with a custom chrome air cleaner and painted valve covers. The interior is a simple red vinyl bench seat and flat-black-painted sheetmetal dash with a digital gauge display and floor shifter. An additional touch we like is the vintage microphone taillight setup.

Welderup's 1954 GMC COE "Fermented Fruit" with 450HP Cummins

Photos and Words Taken From

First of all, what the heck is this? Well, if you’re not familiar with Welderup, then this custom 1954 GMC COE (stands for cab over engine) might come as a bit of a shock. Then again, if this is shocking to you… you probably haven’t ever been to SEMA!

Trucks like this… Yes TRUCKS… hammered on the ground rocking engines with grunt-enough to to rip your neighbor’s Dodge a brand-new-one… That’s really what SEMA showcases most! Filthy as the VIP salon of “Glitter’s” in Las Vegas, over-the-top power and excess.
Plus, COE’s are just cool. My buddy Rob built a long bed COE shown here in a keyless ignition how-to. I rode in Rob’s COE. It cruises low and comfortable on air, A/C on, with plenty of power from a gutsy small block Chevy. Rob’s COE turns heads like this one does, even without the bright green Cummins diesel out back!
Here it is… a 6BT Cummins running a single turbo hooked to an appropriately rusty turbo manifold. Other than that, she’s a shiny-looking oil burner making a reported 450 HP built by Industrial Injection. The rearward bed placement must make a bunch of room to stretch out in the cab. Normally you’re sit’n on it.
Here’s the big question for this COE… could you, could ANYONE put something like this together in 10 days? Welderup… I gotta call bullshit. That said, Foose and the gang on Overhaulin’ make it happen, I guess. But… Foose doesn’t put an engine in where it doesn’t belong and fabricate a custom air ride suspension riding on 20′s either. Not in 10 days!

Cool thing is, this truck will be featured on the Discovery Channel some time in 2014. Guess we’ll see?
For cool tricks, I tip my hat to the Welderup guys. Massive rust wrench for a bumper with matching wrench bumper brackets… then look closely at the taillights. Yes, those are big-ass bugs floating in the green stuff. All DOT approved, don’t worry.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Panda Junction - Cal Ripken Stadium - June 1, 2014 & Tuner-Evolution Have teamed up once more to bring you Panda Junction.

Last year was a great success, We had just about a 1000 cars from all over the North East & Mid Atlantic. You can find coverage on, and many other great sites.

This year it will be hosted yet again at Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen MD. on Sunday June 1st.

We are all pretty excited for this year and look forward to everyone attending.

For any General Inquires Vending/Sponsor Info Email either or

$10.00 admission per car.

Feature on StanceNation

Feature on Fatlace

See you all in June!!

Tuner Evolution: East Coast Takeover - Philadelphia Expo Center - August 2, 2014

Every year we strive to present a great event for everyone.  Last year, moving our event to the Philadelphia Expo Center proved to be a huge success!  And we are proud to be coming back again for 2014! With even more changes and big things in the works for this year, you don't want to miss this event! Registration will be opening soon and spots will fill up quickly!  We hope to see you there!