Sunday, May 4, 2014

Welderup's 1954 GMC COE "Fermented Fruit" with 450HP Cummins

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First of all, what the heck is this? Well, if you’re not familiar with Welderup, then this custom 1954 GMC COE (stands for cab over engine) might come as a bit of a shock. Then again, if this is shocking to you… you probably haven’t ever been to SEMA!

Trucks like this… Yes TRUCKS… hammered on the ground rocking engines with grunt-enough to to rip your neighbor’s Dodge a brand-new-one… That’s really what SEMA showcases most! Filthy as the VIP salon of “Glitter’s” in Las Vegas, over-the-top power and excess.
Plus, COE’s are just cool. My buddy Rob built a long bed COE shown here in a keyless ignition how-to. I rode in Rob’s COE. It cruises low and comfortable on air, A/C on, with plenty of power from a gutsy small block Chevy. Rob’s COE turns heads like this one does, even without the bright green Cummins diesel out back!
Here it is… a 6BT Cummins running a single turbo hooked to an appropriately rusty turbo manifold. Other than that, she’s a shiny-looking oil burner making a reported 450 HP built by Industrial Injection. The rearward bed placement must make a bunch of room to stretch out in the cab. Normally you’re sit’n on it.
Here’s the big question for this COE… could you, could ANYONE put something like this together in 10 days? Welderup… I gotta call bullshit. That said, Foose and the gang on Overhaulin’ make it happen, I guess. But… Foose doesn’t put an engine in where it doesn’t belong and fabricate a custom air ride suspension riding on 20′s either. Not in 10 days!

Cool thing is, this truck will be featured on the Discovery Channel some time in 2014. Guess we’ll see?
For cool tricks, I tip my hat to the Welderup guys. Massive rust wrench for a bumper with matching wrench bumper brackets… then look closely at the taillights. Yes, those are big-ass bugs floating in the green stuff. All DOT approved, don’t worry.

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