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Mischief Makes It In "The Washington Post"

Article taken from the Washington Post

‘Mischief’ street-racing crew’s speed called a tragedy waiting to happen

By Justin Jouvenal, Published: December 28

R.D. Copper’s pickup was puttering down a rural highway on a Sunday morning in the Shenandoah Valley when a showroom’s worth of luxury sports cars roared out of nowhere and made a beeline for him, police said.

The 15 or so customized BMW M3s, Lexuses and a McLaren zoomed closer and closer at speeds of up to 100 mph. They weren’t going to stop. Copper had no choice — he veered to get out of the way.

The wild scene got even stranger: Using handheld cameras, the D.C. area drivers filmed the moment the pickup lurched onto the shoulder and they blew past.

They’d messed with the wrong man. Copper is a retired lawman, and he was not amused. He called for backup.

His reports sparked a furious 20-mile chase across two counties, pitting officers from four rural law enforcement agencies against the drivers, some of whom they would later learn were part of an underground crew of drivers known simply as Mischief.

Once the chase ended, authorities determined that the incident was the highest-profile occurrence involving Mischief, which has created a series of gritty, controversial and Billboard-charting DVDs that have documented white-knuckle street racing, stunts and crashes on the Capital Beltway and roads across the Washington area. They are a real-life counterpart to the Hollywood pyrotechnics of the “The Fast and the Furious” franchise.

Mischief is part of the “import tuner” scene, which has gained popularity in recent decades with the rise of imported cars on American roads and has been described as “new age hot-rodding.”

In the old days of muscle cars, a driver might customize a car’s parts to increase power. Import tuners also often tweak thecomputer system that controls the engine to maximize performance — a sort of hacking meets hot-rodding. Cars that come from the factory with 200-horsepower engines can be retuned to have three or four times more power.

Mischief stands out for having the hottest cars and producing the slickest videos — in an area that’s not particularly known for this kind of daredevil driving.

Those associated with the group have had numerous run-ins with the law. Their videos have drawn the ire of police, who say they glorify dangerous driving and could entice young drivers to emulate what they see.

“They are a tragedy waiting to happen,” said Capt. Susan Culin, commander of the Fairfax County police traffic division. “When you have racing or aggressive driving on public streets, you can expect a dangerous, life-threatening outcome.”

The impresario of the group is Charles County resident Dustin Worles, who plays a “Jackass”-style joker in the tapes and has hair gelled up as if he were perpetually driving a convertible.

And this being a street-racing crew in the uber-achieving D.C. area, Worles’s associates include a band of drivers, according to Mischief’s Web site, who work in button-down Washington during the week and burn rubber on weekends: a CEO of a Maryland tech company, an executive at a Manassas car dealership and a computer engineer, among others.

The CEO and the engineer were not involved in the Shenandoah incident.

Authorities said the crew’s driving that morning was reckless enough to warrant jail time, but to put Mischief out of action, they would have to catch the members first.


Augusta County Sheriff’s Deputy Trevor Ross said his radio crackled about 10:40 a.m. Nov. 11. It was a quiet Sunday, and he was out on patrol in the area of Staunton, the county seat about three hours southwest of Washington.

“Any units in the area of 262 and Lee Highway,” he recalled the dispatcher saying. “Report of vehicles driving recklessly.”

Ross was off. Soon after, the dispatcher reported that the drivers got off on Highway 250. Ross said he thought, “I can catch them.” He flipped on his lights and sirens and picked up the pace.

Highway 250 runs up Shenandoah Mountain, where the road bunches into sharp curves. Ross said he would need to reach them by the mountain’s 3,000-foot crest or risk the drivers escaping into neighboring Highland County. It would be close.

Somewhere up ahead, police say, Worles was speeding along in a black BMW M3, while Arash Dashtaray, the executive at Dash Motors in Manassas, was in another vehicle in the pack. Neither would comment for this article.

The type of driving seen that Sunday is common in the Mischief Web videos and DVDs, which they claim have sold hundreds of thousands of copies since the series launched in 2002.

In one, a BMW M3 careers off a road — in what is identified as Montgomery County — at a high rate of speed.

In another, a sports car is seen weaving through traffic on the Beltway at a high rate of speed, as if in a video game. In a third, Mischief records two motorcyclists involved in a 130-mph police chase on an Arizona highway.

Law enforcement officials said they were unaware of any injuries related to Mischief’s videos, but the type of driving on display has been responsible for injuries and numerous deaths on the region’s roads over the past five years.


Just how close to the lines of public safety the drivers would skate became dramatically clear on Highway 250, police said.

In footage recovered from the Mischief cameras, a driver is seen cutting across a double yellow line to pass a slower motorist — and ends up right in the path of an oncoming pickup, police said.

With less than 50 yards between the vehicles, the truck’s driver is seen pulling off the road to avoid a crash, police said. The car’s driver weaves back into his lane and tears down the highway.

At another point on the video, a car is seen executing a similar maneuver in the path of atrash truck, which is about 100 yards away, police said.

Neither near-collision caused any injuries, but authorities said that at least four drivers were run off the road that Sunday.

Ross chased the crew for roughly 20 miles with lights blazing. Half the drivers zoomed across the Highland County line, where they were stopped by waiting sheriff’s deputies.

Ross caught up with — and surged ahead of — the other half of the pack on a winding, mountainous stretch of Highway 250. But he broke off the chase when it became too dangerous to continue.

He managed to pull over two of the cars behind him. Then he realized that five others had turned around and gone back down the mountain to elude him. On the video, police said the drivers can be heard performing the maneuver: “Turn around, or they are going to get us all!”

But Mischief didn’t have a way out. The drivers who turned around ran into a police roadblock at the bottom of the mountain.

In all, 15 drivers were pulled over in Augusta and Highland counties in what police said was likely one of the biggest street-racing busts in recent Virginia history. Officers confiscated handheld cameras from five of the cars and impounded the vehicles. Ross said that the drivers were “laughing and joking like they just pulled over to talk.”

Police were surprised to find that the crew had taped the run. The type of videos that had given them underground cachet could provide crucial evidence at a trial in February. Police said the tapes also showed that the crew had been drag racing on Highway 81 in Rockingham County the same day.

So far, the drivers are facing reckless-driving charges, but armed with more than an hour of tape, authorities said they are exploring additional counts of racing and eluding police. The drivers could face jail time.

“I was surprised we didn’t have a crash,” Ross said. “I kept expecting it and expecting it.”

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MCAC’s 1st Annual Biggest, Baddest, and Best Indoor Car Show Oct 13-14, 2012 @ Pikeville Military Reservation Armory, MD

MCAC’s 1st Annual Biggest, Baddest, and Best Indoor Car Show. Saturday October 12-14, 2012 @ Pikeville Military Reservation Armory, 610 Reistesrtown Rd., Pikesville, MD 21208. Cars will move in 10:00 am – 8:00 pm on October 12, 2012. Show times, Saturday October 13, 2012 10:00 am – 8:00 pm., Sunday October 14, 2012 10:00 am – 6:00 pm. Vehicles will exit starting at 6:00 on Sunday October 14, 2012. Carpet must be under wheels, you must have drip pans, battery must be disconnected, ad less than a half tank of fuel. 4ft. trophies to top 40 "Best Judged Scored Vehicles". 5ft. trophies for 5 "Special Best Awards". (Best Interior, Best Rims, Best Engine , Best Paint, Best Awards Display) 6ft. Trophy for "Best in Show" driven and trailer. Entry Fee: $45.00 for a 10’ X 20’ space, ad $65.00 for 20’ X 20’ space. Electricity is available for $30.00 for the two days. Regular admission fee is $5.00, free for children under 6. First 50 Registered will get dash plates. To get more information or to register call Shawn Chambers @ (443)802-9860 or Gene  (443) 467-4977

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Car, Bike & Truck Show Update As Of 09-30-2012

Oct 7-9 DELAWARE AUTO SHOW @ Chase Center On The Riverfront, Wilmington, DE (info)
Oct 13 3RD ANNUAL ROCKABILLY HOT ROD RUMBLE @ Steckler Show Place (info)
Oct 14  THE OPEN ROAD BIKE & CAR SHOW @ Bill Batemans Of Rosedale, MD (info)
Nov 17-18 WILD WHEELS WEEKEND HOT ROD & CUSTOM CAR SHOW @ Va Beach Conv Ctr, Va Beach, VA (info)
Nov 18 IMPORT VS DOMESTIC THROWDOWN @ Atco Raceway, NJ (info)
Dec 1-2 EAST COAST INDOOR NATIONALS CAR SHOW @ Timonium Fairgrounds, Timonium, MD (info)

More Shows To Be Added.  Stay Tuned!

The Rodders Journal Vintage Speed & Custom Car Revival Photos 09-30-2012 @ Pimlico, MD

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hooters Summer Days 09-02-2012 @ The Fairfax Blvd Location, VA

The Open Road Bike & Car Show Photos 08-12-2012 @ TGI Fridays, White Marsh, MD

East Coast Knock Out Competition, Car & Bike Show & Block Party 09-01-2012 @ Jessup, MD

Bill Dixon's Strut Your Stuff Shine & Show Promotions 09-28 thur 30, 2012 @ Garrett County Fairgrounds, McHenry, MD

Delaware Custom Car Expo 09-22-2012 @ Chase Center, Wilmington, DE

5th Annual Crown Me The King DMV Car, Truck & Bike Show Photos 08-11-2012 @ Security Square Mall, MD

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The Body Of An American, But The Soul Of A Japanese

How about a fully built single snailed 2JZ-GTE motor from a MKIV Supra popped into a……..’67 Camaro?! This is one of the cleanest works.Blending newschool with the oldschool, this EVS Motors built Camaro not only packs a 1,000+HP punch, but but also has a completely custom interior, Navigation, Power windows, Rear view camera, HIDs, and a completely custom sound system.


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2012 TJIN Edition Ford Explorer

Car, Bike & Truck Show Update As Of 07-24-2012

July 27 CRUISIN AT THE MARKETS AT SHREWSBURY @ Shrewsbury, Pa (info)
Aug 3-5 CARLISLE TRUCK NATIONALS @ Carlisle Fairgrounds, PA (info)
Aug 4-5 GLOBAL TIME ATTACK @ NJ Motorsport Park, NJ (info)
Aug 4 SHOWDOWN IN THE STREET @ Cactus Willies Eastern Ave Baltimore, MD (info)
Aug 11 5TH ANNUAL CROWN ME THE KING CAR, TRUCK & BIKE FESTIVAL @ Security Sq Mall, Secruity, MD (info)
Aug 11 OC CUSTOM CAR EXPO & CONCERT @ Ocean City Conv Ctr, OC, MD (info)
Aug 11 HONDA DAY ETOWN @ Raceway Park, NJ (info)
Aug 11-12 VAG FAIR @ Yorktown Fair Grounds, PA (info)
Aug 12 THE OPEN ROAD BIKE & CAR SHOW @ TGI Fridays On The Ave, White Marsh, MD (info)
Aug 19 ROTARY FEST @ Atco Raceway, NJ (info)
Aug 19  THE OPEN ROAD BIKE & CAR SHOW @ Bill Batemans Of Rosedale, MD (info)
Aug 25 BIMMERFEST EAST @ Ripken Stadium, MD (info)
Aug 25 TUNER EVOLUTION @ Sovereign Bank Stadium, PA (info)
Aug 31-Sept 3 BALTIMORE GRAND PRIX @ Balt., MD (info)
Sept 8 DUBS ON THE BOARDS @ Wildwood, NJ (info)
Sept 9  THE OPEN ROAD BIKE & CAR SHOW @ Bill Batemans Of Rosedale, MD (info)
Sept 15 BAILEYS CROSSROADS AUTO SHOW @ JEB Stuart HS, Falls Church, VA (info)
Sept 22 MOBTOWN GREASEBALL SHOW @ Dundalk, MD (info)
Sept 22 CUSTOM CAR EXPO @ Chase Center On The Riverfront, Wilmington, DE (info)
Sept 22 SOUND OF TRI-STATE THUNDER JAMZ @ Chase Center On The Riverfront, Wilimington DE (info)
Sept 22-23 NOPI NATIONALS SUPER SHOW @ Atlanta Dragway, ATL (info)
Sept 23 NISSAN EVENT @ Atco Raceway, NJ (info)
Oct 7-9 DELAWARE AUTO SHOW @ Chase Center On The Riverfront, Wilmington, DE (info)
Oct 13 3RD ANNUAL ROCKABILLY HOT ROD RUMBLE @ Steckler Show Place (info)
Oct 14  THE OPEN ROAD BIKE & CAR SHOW @ Bill Batemans Of Rosedale, MD (info)
Nov 17-18 WILD WHEELS WEEKEND HOT ROD & CUSTOM CAR SHOW @ Va Beach Conv Ctr, Va Beach, VA (info)
Nov 18 IMPORT VS DOMESTIC THROWDOWN @ Atco Raceway, NJ (info)
Dec 1-2 EAST COAST INDOOR NATIONALS CAR SHOW @ Timonium Fairgrounds, Timonium, MD (info)

More Shows To Be Added.  Stay Tuned!

Showdown In The Street Show 09-04-2012 @ Cactus Willies Eastern Ave

2012 Tesia Model S

The 2012 Tesla Model S is an all-new electrically-powered performance sedan. It does not have an internal combustion engine and therefore uses no gasoline and produces no emissions. Its lithium ion batteries can be recharged with electricity in your home, and a mobile connector allows you to charge from any available 110v or 240v electrical outlet.

The Tesla Model S is available in four trims: base, Performance, Signature and Signature Performance. The base trim includes a liquid-cooled 40kWh lithium-ion battery, and 60kWh and 85kWh batteries are optional. The 85kWh battery is standard on the other trims, and the Performance and Signature Performance feature a high-performance drive inverter to improve acceleration. Depending upon the battery selected, esimated range at 55 mph varies from 160 miles to 300 miles on a single charge.

Standard features include automatic air conditioning, 8-way power seats, AM/FM/HD radio with hard drive, and a unique 17-inch capacitive touch screen that operates all media, communication, cabin and vehicle controls. Performance trims include active air suspension, sport-tuned traction control, 21-inch alloy wheels with performance tires, Nappa leather interior with Alcantara accents, carbon fiber interior and exterior trim, and heated seats with power lumbar. Signature and Signature Performance trims are limited to the first 1000 deliveries and feature a 580 watt, twelve speaker Dolby ProLogic 7.1 sound system, larger capacity hard drive, turn-by-turn navigation, high definition back-up camera, power rear liftgate, Xenon headlamps, LED foglights, proximity keyless entry, removable parcel shelf and 20 kW on-board chargers (all of which is available on the base and Performance trim). Rear-facing jump seats in the rear cargo area, suitable for children up to five feet tall, are optional and increase passenger capacity from five to seven. With the Panoramic Roof option, the entire roof is constructed from lightweight safety glass and can be opened with swipe of the touchscreen.


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Hollow Point - 2008 Ford F-650

This F-650 is at the Top of Darth Vader's Christmas List
By Harley Camilleri, Photography by Harley Camilleri, Maxwell Matthewson

It would seem that there isn't much real estate available to bring anything new into the world of custom trucks. Lifted and lowered trucks are not exactly some new phenomena, so how does one stand out in a crowd of very similar appearances? The fastest way to get the proper attention is to find that diamond in the rough; something that was overlooked or considered to be just too darn difficult to accomplish. We believe this F-650 does all of that and then some.
Built by Adam Genei and the Mobsteel crew in Brighton, Michigan, the huge Ford would seem slightly askew when delving into the company's previous custom vehicles. All outward appearances point to an affinity for classic Lincoln Continentals made of solid steel and every one dressed in a healthy coating of black. Adam tells us, "The cars we build are a part of American history; vintage Detroit steel, not a fiberglass reproduction. Steel with a soul, and the blood, sweat, and tears of our friends and family." After speaking with Adam at length, it becomes very clear he has a deep passion for the custom industry and his company's work shows that conviction. So how does the Hollow Point F-650 even make the cut? Basically, Mobsteel's customers drive more than just classy Lincoln Continentals and want their other vehicles to reflect a similar style.
One of the many high-profile clients having purchased a number of custom rides from Adam is NFL All-Pro, Albert Haynesworth. Apparently, Albert believes so highly of the work coming out of the Brighton shop that this truck was built entirely on a phone call alone. If that isn't saying something positive about Mobsteel, then we don't know what would. In the course of only a few minutes, Albert expressed his desire for something different and suiting of his personality. Adam responded with the F-650 and ideas to make it big, bad, and black. With the talking part handled and freedom to run, Adam secured an '08 Ford F-650 cab and chassis, and the reality of a plus-sized project was underway.
First on the list was getting the frame handled. It was determined that many feet of frame were going to see the cutting room floor before the standard Ford 8-foot longbed could properly fit. The frame was lopped off an amazing 15 feet and a matching '08 factory bumper was installed making the rear end appear as if the Blue Oval rolled off the assembly line itself. Suspension was handled by cutting off nearly every suspension mount, both front and rear, before relocating and fabricating new mounts to allow the truck to not only sit lower, but actually function properly and maintain the trucks GVWR. A custom front beam axle was built in house at Mobsteel and features an additional 3 inches of lowering compared to the stocker. Goodyear commercial airbags lay the medium-duty rig down over 325/45R24 Pirelli Scorpion ATR rubber and custom 24x10-inch Aztec wheels. All told, when the air is released from the F-650, its roofline measures 28 inches lower than when the project began thanks to the air suspension and 5½-inch lowered body.
Tilting the custom grille and hood forward over the handcrafted steel bumper reveals a massive Caterpillar inline-six turbodiesel. Governed for low speed work, Michigan Caterpillar in Novi, Michigan, reprogrammed the ECM to allow the truck a little more freedom to run. Breathing through a 6-inch turbo-back exhaust, the 11,950-pound truck can now run to 110 mph. Flying down the roadway from the command center, driver and passengers alike will be sitting comfortably in quad bucket seats stitched in two-tone, handtooled black and tan leather by No Joke Custom Upholstery in New Carlisle, Ohio. A suede and aluminum overhead console holds two 17-inch widescreen monitors, and filling those monitors is an audio video system piled high with JL Audio component speakers and amplifiers controlled by a Pioneer DVD head with an iPod docking station.