Sunday, December 20, 2015

Paul Walkers R34 Skyline From Fast & Furious Didn't Have A Nissan Engine.

Some tube-framed buggies with rear mounted VW motors with R34 Skylines bodies were made for the movie Fast & Furious.  It was created for jumping and driving down a flight of steps.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Mini-Documentary about Jay Shells and his JDM Nissan S13 180SX

Zombie Proof Maybach Exelero Concept

Daimler may have killed off the Maybach brand last year, but this particular Maybach – based on the Maybach Exelero prototype from 2005 – looks like it’s ready to take the fight to the undead.

Created by the Jordanian designer Khaled Alkayed, the Mad Max-worthy Maybach Exelero concept features a range of enhancements which turn it from a 700 horsepower V12-powered luxury coupe, into a battle-ready, gun-toting, armor-plated sinister death machine.

The concept features tank-inspired tracks in place of the rear wheels, dual rear machine guns mounted on robotic arms, thick armor plating for the passenger compartment, a multi-purpose bull-bar up front, protective grilles covering the headlights, and a rocket-launcher and gun thingy bolted to the hood.

Source: Khaled Alkayed