Monday, August 8, 2011

Chop Top Subu

Built up, used up and kicked to the curb. Sadly, that is what the life of this Subaru Impreza consisted of before Takahiro Nakamura of Car Service Hiro gave it a second chance. The inception of this project began when Subaru of Japan looked to create something truly special for the 2003 Tokyo Auto Salon. After teaming up with CS Hiro, it was agreed that the STi would be uniquely styled with outrageous interior and exterior modifications. Most notably, the GDB would take on sleek new bodylines with a chopped and sectioned roof. Additionally, the interior would be completely revamped with a radical sound system.

All went according to plan and the project was completed in time for the 2003 TAS. Furthermore, the GDB went on to gain global recognition for its authentic design. Even though the STi earned great notoriety among the performance community, Subaru was pre

pared to unload the Impreza from its stable of show vehicles at the end of the car show season. With countless hours spent designing and constructing the chop-top Impreza, Nakamura decided he would take the Impreza off Subaru's hands and give it a home.

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