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Luxury additions on the 1970 Silver Shadow include a leather trunk with matching battery covers and one of four television sets

Builder named 1970 Silver Shadow, The World's Fastest Rolls Royce
The 1970 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow is a daily driver. The owner has two of the same models and wanted to do something wild with one of them. “He has a fascination with Hemi engines and wanted more power on his Rolls,” said Joe Richardson of Little Joe’s Street Rod Shop. As a result the modified Rolls Royce is a plush luxury car with a huge motor.

1970 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow at SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow has a fuel injected 572 cubic inch Chrysler Hemi with a nitrous oxide system and a supercharger

It has a fuel injected 572 cubic inch Chrysler Hemi motor. There is also a nitrous-oxide system and a BDS 671 style supercharger for more power. There is a K&N air filter on the end of the idle speed control motor, said Richardson.  Richardson ran the Hemi on a dyno and said he made 1350 horsepower.

The Silver Shadow went to Richardson as 6200 pounds of unibody stock. We cut from bumper to bumper and rocker to rocker, he said. We had to gut the car for a complete aftermarket chassis.

Other modifications are:

Chris Austin Chassis
Air Ride
Full Leather Interior by Hot Rod Interiors
Billet Specialties Riviera Wheels
Billet Specialties Rail Steering Wheel
Brakes by Wilwood
Air unit by Vintage
Full Power Options
Four Television Sets

All the suspensions from Chris Austin Chassis are either chrome plated or polished stainless, said Richardson. The entire roll cage is hand stitched leather. It’s made like a baseball stitch and is very time consuming. It took 8 hours to do one single bar and five months to finish the interior.

The Silver Shadow has stock bumpers, door handles, and lights. We received all expenses paid invitations from corporations at SEMA to tour car shows in Germany, France and Canada, said Richardson. Rolls Royce is making a comeback.

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