Sunday, January 15, 2012

Maggie May

Years ago, the scooter was held at the bottom of the “cool” list. It usually meant you couldn’t afford a car and also you probably didn’t have any girls beating down your door. In recent years though, the Honda Ruckus has changed the perception of the scooter as people have started modding them due to their affordability and availability of aftermarket parts. Now you can find Ruckus’ that are lowered, stretched and swapped with a whole array of mods.

The little lady sitting in front of you now is “Maggie May” which was built by the guys at Standard Functions (South El Monte, CA). “Maggie” not only makes you want to get out of chair and go buy a Ruckus right now but it also shows you that a scooter is now a cool option for cruising the town on a nice day. “Maggie” also features an extensive mod list covering everything from looking good to going fast.

Photo Credit: Noel Barnum – Canibeat 

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