Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More Torque Than A Veyron: A Diesel Chevy Rod

Words By Paddy McGrath

 ’31 Chevy powered by a compound charged Dodge Cummins diesel engine.

If ever an engine was perfectly suited to a ground-up build, I think this would be it. It perfectly matches the character of the car in that it is wild, but also really well considered. Whilst not a hot rod build in the traditional sense, it epitomises the spirit of the sub-culture. That is, putting a huge engine into a small car.

With the roof chop, the seats have been recessed into the floor so grown adults can still fit inside. The seats themselves are handed crafted as are the under seat sliders and hinges for folding them forward…

Allowing the Chevy the ability to cruise at 150km/h in sixth gear at just 800rpm is the 5.9L straight six Cummins B 12-valve turbo diesel engine.

A compound charged system has been implemented to minimise turbo lag, with a Holset HX55 feeding into the smaller HX35. This, along with a rebuilt fuel pump allows the Cummins to make around 500hp at the wheels, along with 1500Nm of torque at 5.0 bar of boost (1106lb/ft at 72.5 PSI).

Being diesel, huge pressure figures are the norm but trying to wrap your head around a fuel system running up to 200 bar (3000PSI) is just mind boggling. These engines were intended for powering school buses and eighteen wheelers, so I’m sure you can imagine the level of performance. Emanuel says it goes like ‘a runway train on nitrous’. I’m not one to doubt him.

Emanuel Sandén’s 1931 Chevrolet Cummins Hot Rod

Cummins i6 twin turbo with Holset HX35 and HX55 at 5.0 bar

T56 six speed manual, Chevy 10 bolt rear axle with 3.08 gears

Front end runs Ford leaf-spring set-up, rear is custom air ride, Mopar brake system

Slotmags with Firestone cheater slicks, 10 spoke Rocket wheels

All Custom

All Custom

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