Monday, June 9, 2014

Sean Bloemers' 2009 Nissan Pathfinder


50mm were cut off the stock sills

Pathfinder lays completely flat on the ground

The rear seats were removed to make way monstrous 24x9.5-inch KMC Brodie wheels

The firewall, door jams and rear doors are tubbed.

Slam Specialties airbags

The chassis acts as the air tank and has been pressure-tested to 200psi

RE-6s in the front with custom adjustable plate arms

RE-7 airbags work with the hole-sawed I-beam canti-lever set-up for the one-off, adjustable sleeved 4-link rear-end

The diff was shortened 50mm on either side

The modified steering uses two Flaming River steering knuckles and a heim joint

A one-of-a-kind adjustable upper arm plates

Adjustable tow-in and toe-out on the bottom arms

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