Sunday, August 17, 2014

Vaterra Nissan GT-R RC Car

Nissan GT-R

This ready-to-run recreation of the awesome GT-R is built on the Vaterra 4WD V100-S chassis. Its low profile tires and powerful Dynamite motor system let you drive fast and corner hard with incredible control, just like the real thing. And you'll do so in style with attention-getting details like clear headlights, chromed exhaust tips and side-view mirrors.

All Vaterra vehicles come with everything you need for your driving adventures, including transmitter, batteries and charger.  Includes watertight, sealed electronics that let you drive anytime, anywhere. Snow, rain, and mud-these vehicles can handle it all.  Dynamite Power Systems for speed, acceleration and dependability Spektrum™ 2.4 GHz Radio System for precise Interference-Free Control.

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